The clients, he from California and she from Brazil, together with their young son enjoy living al fresco. However, the existing space was long and narrow and decidely overgrown.

The linearity of the space provided some opportunites as well as some constraints. The plan extends the living area of the house out into the garden, literally drawing the kitchen out the french doors where it transitions to a dining “room” and a living “room” beyond. To break up the space visually, as well as spatially, we raised the living terrace up three steps and framed it with sitting walls. A low fountain along the east wall provides soothing sounds, and glows in the evening light.

Existing materials and planting were reused wherever possible - including the two Japanese Maples, Boxwoods, brick paving and granite cobblestones. A pleached hedge of European Hornbeam runs along the west fence and narrow garden beds of evergreens and perennials provide a simple but lovely backdrop for this historic Georgetown residence.